Your interior is your story
When designing the focus for Wim van de Oudeweetering, creative director of Casus Casa, lies on creating an interior that tells a story. A personal story, unique for every client, where everything is possible. Wim van de Oudeweetering is experienced in designing private residences, hotels, restaurants and yachts in many different styles, where he strives to reflect the personality of the client in the interior design. Casus Casa will translate your whishes, desires, feelings and emotions into a complete interior concept, designed to the smallest detail. Creating this concept an extensive collection of fabrics, colors, materials and, when necessary, custom designed furniture plays an important role.
* The Toren - 'For a modern and unique stay in Amsterdam.'

* Casa Pura - 'Website for renting the Ibiza villa 'Casa Pura'.'

* Ibiza Diferente - 'Beautiful villa's and apartments on Ibiza.'

* derksen|windt architecten - Two young architects I worked with on several projects.

* TOBACCO theater - 'Theatre in an old tobacco auction house in the centre of Amsterdam designed by Casus Casa'

* The first Elitis store - Import Loggere Wilpower - ‘Elitis is outstanding in the innovative processing of wallpaper and fabrics, which fit in modern and classic iteriors.

* B.Inc. - ‘B.Inc., tastefull and modern combined with a bit of glamour.’

* Marcel Wolterinck - ‘Lifetyle decorator Marcel Wolterinck has a great collection. He knows how to combine in and outdoors in a great way.’

* Leenaars - ‘This store adds an eatern flavour to modern interiors, of which the result reminds us of a combination of inheritances.’

* chivasso - 'luxury in materials'

* mulberry - 'great curtain fabrics'

* Keukenhuys De Tweede Kamer - 'unique handmade kitchens'
Please contact Wim van de Oudeweetering when you are interested in working together, if you would like more information about his work or if you have any other question or request.
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